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Just spotted this in comp.sys.sun.hardware. It's a pity
I don't live closer (like, a few thousand miles closer!),
otherwise I'd take this myself :(


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Greetings all:

It's time to get rid of a lot of old junk.  I hope it becomes someone
else's treasure.  I have a complete Sun 3/160 with many extra parts and
boards, and a diskless 3/150 that I got for parts.  The boot disk
died on the 3/160, but I replaced it with a good one (tested on the
shoebox connected to a PC's SCSI controller)  I must have put something
back in the wrong place or some jumper doesn't match as the boot
process doesn't seem to find the tape.  It does boot by net up to
the stage of looking at the bootparamd data.  Since I have no sun3 fs
set up on the remote machine, that's the end of that.  Clearing up
space is more important right now than playing with this, so...

Anybody interested?  In all of it? Parts?  The main units are not
practical to ship (expensive!).  I'm in central NJ, (USA)

Here's a complete list:

Sun 3/160, 12 VME slots, desk side unit with casters, 2 ESDI HDs,
Archive tape drive, 19" b/w monitor, keyboard, optical mouse.

In addition to the CPU+4MB board, the following boards are in the
o color framebuffer board, with the 4 video cable bundle.
o 4MB additional ram.
o SCSI controller.
o 2d SCSI controller for external shoebox.
o Graphics processor + (that's what it says on the board).

Additionally, I have the following extra boards and spares:

o 2 SCSI controllers (in their VME 9U metal frames)
o Clearpoint memory board (24MB) fully populated, all chips socketed,
  comes with 1 memory error at 0x18100D4, I have extra chips.
o Ridge 16 MB memory board, this is the same size as the large VME
  boards, but it has 2 long 2-row connectors instead of the 3 short
  3-row connectors of the sun3.  No memory chips, I probably used
  these to populate the Clearpoint board.
o Sun memory board that I could never use as it was apparently for
  a 3/260.  It has the same 3 VME connectors as all the other boards
  except the one above.
o Empty VME 9U frame, suitable to mount a small board (like a SCSI
  controller, say).
o Archive tape drive.
o Wangtek tape drive with its own controller.
o Emulex SCSI->ESDI disk controller
o Sysgen tape controller
o Sun SCSI shoebox with one ESDI disk and its controller board.
o Additional keyboard and mouse.
o Various optical mouse pads of different sizes.
o 3/150 (6 VME slots) case with CPU board.  Desk side enclosure, no
o Many VME slot covers and the metal place holders that slide in the
  slots if you have no boards there.
o 3 AUI to BNC adapters.
o A very long AUI cable.
o SunOS 4.1.1 tapes (2) and the 4.1.1_U1 patch.
o ALL the manuals that ever came with SunOS and the 3/160 (3 boxes
  15 3-ring binders (most 3" thick), 9 thinner spiral-bound or
  soft-cover binding, large format.

A. (The Eclectic One)

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