[rescue] solaris on powerpc install problem

Jay York jyork at smart.net
Tue Feb 22 22:47:01 CST 2005

> >/ > I am trying to install Solaris 2.5.1/PPC on a Motorola PowerStack but it
/> >/ > will not work. Does anybody have a hint to get me going?
/> >/
/> >/ I don't recall the CD being bootable.  I worked for Sunservice
/> >/ supporting Solaris x86 and Solaris PPC, but as I recall I believe
/> >/ you had to boot from a boot floppy.  I know Solaris PPC came with
/> >/ two boot floppies... one for the Motorola platforms and one for the
/> >/ IBM platforms.
> Aha, that would be an explanation :)
> That leaves me with the next question: does anybody have a Motorola boot
> disk?
> It would be nice to add a Solaris PPC system to my Sun collection.
> Groeten,
> Walter.

I'm working on this right now too.  I've toyed with trying to massage a
NetBSD or Linux diskette to boot Solaris.  BTW, I've nearly finished
building Solaris 2.6 for PPC, if you all are interested.



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