[rescue] Any Spare Teletypes In/Near Seattle?

O. Sharp ohh at drizzle.com
Tue Feb 22 22:23:16 CST 2005

Hi, all:

I posted this recently to the newsgroup seattle.forsale.computers, and one 
of you was kind enough to suggest I try this list. Hopefully I'm not too 
horribly off-topic.  :)

I've been looking for a Teletype to buy, preferably an ASR-33 or ASR-35, 
though a KSR model or a Model 37 might work as well. I know they pop up on 
eBay now and again, but they don't ship very well (I bought one about a 
year ago from Oregon, and it arrived thoroughly smashed), so I'm hoping to 
find one in or near Seattle so I could actually pick it up myself.  :)

Price is negotiable, depending on condition, model, and so forth; I'm 
thinking something in the $250-450 range would fit my wallet, and thus be 
a good place to start talking.

Feel free to e-mail me at <ohh at drizzle.com> if you have one you'd consider 
parting with! It'll have a good home. You'd certainly have visitation 
rights if you want.  :)

(If there was a DEC PDP-12 attached to it... but, there, now I really _am_ 
getting off-topic. <g>)


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