[rescue] More house cleaning stuff to go.

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sun Feb 20 12:45:55 CST 2005

Weitek Power up installation tool kit new in box. Includes the CPU 
tool, static pad, static strap, screwdriver and flashlight. Box is 
tatty but otherwise all is new.

I'd like $20 OBO for this.

6 pieces of SS1000/SC2000 memory

$10 for these.

One Maxell DLT III XL tape. Like new, used once.


The rest is free, just pay the posties

Rathead Linux 6.1 for Alpha set in box
AT Pentium Pro board new in box with VRM.
2 x ATX power supply 235W
AT mainboard with AMD K6/233 and 64MB memory
Dell GXa 3.5" floppy drive with sled

More to be listed later today.

Also, I hate to have to say this here but if you have no intention of 
paying for this stuff in a reasonable time don't bother to reply. I'm 
not going to name names but you know who you are.

Mike N

I like to play poker with tarot cards...I get a full house and four 
people die

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