[rescue] OS for my LPX

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Feb 17 20:18:01 CST 2005

> the LPX's.  My HD is less than 500megs.  It's 425 megs formatted or some 

Well, how about we fix that one right up front.  I -know- I have a 4-gig
IBM or Seagate SCSI drive laying around, more like about 30 of 'em, all
working pulls, and I'll give it to you for shipping if you want.  It'll
have to be this weekend before it goes out, and I'll have to buy about a
dollar's-worth of packing foam since I can't seem to find a set of
form-fit drive shipping blocks anywhere.  Probably, oh, $5 or $6 total,
likely less?  Would that ease the crunch, and keep you from (really)
"spending money" on your LPX?  I can even wait a week or three for
reimbursement for the shipping and such if the exchecquer is that tight
for you.

Won't be 'original' any more, but might be more useful in the long run. 
What say you?

wes will

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