[rescue] OS for my LPX

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Feb 17 21:02:28 CST 2005

>> Ok, this discussion is already starting to take off, in the other 
>> thread I started, but I'd like to formally ask now.  I need to make a 
>> decision on what OS to install on this machine.  I'm thinking either 
>> BSD or Solaris.
> NetBSD 2.0 is the best choice by a wide margin.  I run old versions of 
> Solaris on some of my "museum" machines but purely for nostalgic and/or 
> historical accuracy reasons.  Any old sparc put to real use should be 
> running an up to date and maintainable OS.
> As a bonus, you get IPv6 :)

I run NetBSD and OpenBSD happily on an SS20, SS2, SS5 and SS4 for 
firewall, VPN and web server stuff. I think OpenBSD is safer for "edge" 
devices. I have heard that NetBSD 2 is great, but have not tried it yet.


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