[rescue] OS for my LPX

Chad Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Thu Feb 17 16:48:48 CST 2005

Ok, this discussion is already starting to take off, in the other thread 
I started, but I'd like to formally ask now.  I need to make a decision 
on what OS to install on this machine.  I'm thinking either BSD or Solaris.

If Solaris, I was thinking 2.6 or 2.51.  I've seen both on Ebay cheaply, 
and I've read that 7 is a bit too big for the small HD's that came in 
the LPX's.  My HD is less than 500megs.  It's 425 megs formatted or some 
number close to it.  I don't have another HD that would fit.  I also 
kind of like the idea of keeping it all Sun Microsystems, as far as the OS.

On the other hand, maybe one of the BSD's would be better.  I assume 
that the Sparc ports of *BSD are current.  Would I have HD space issues?

The machine will be headless.  It will be used mainly as a hands on 
introductory to non-windows computing.  I do have several other 
platforms, but I haven't had the time or drive to finish those projects, 
as they turned out to be a bit more difficult for me than I anticipated. 
  This LPX seems to be just the ticket, so far.  Maybe once I start 
getting comfortable, I can attack some of the other projects I have.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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