[rescue] New to me IPX

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Thu Feb 17 16:33:01 CST 2005

Chad Fernandez declared on Thursday 17 February 2005 05:23 pm:
> Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > There's always NetBSD...
> I'd still end up buying a cd, though.  Older versions of Solaris don't
> see to be too much money on Ebay.

There's always ftp netinstall, or burning an ISO from their site (if you 
have appropriate things to do so).  I don't consider "buying" a CDR 
spending money on a machine. ;)

> > (hello, fellow classiccmp'er :)
> Your on the Classic Camper mailing list too?? :-)

Heh, no, the other one with the domain "classiccmp.org". :)

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