[rescue] Re: Old sparcstations & overheating

John Redmond jredmond at bmts.com
Thu Feb 17 06:34:39 CST 2005

Given the recent conversations about old sparcs, particularly
overheating...  as per a previous post (couple of months back)
to this list I am (still) planning to put a couple of old sparcs in a
co-lo. One would be ss10 with dual sm81s the other ss20 with dual HS
133s. Both would have 2 smallish seagate  4.2 gig drives ST34371W in the
SS20, not sure yet about the SS10. Is it just the bigger, newer drives
that pose the overheating problems? I haven't been running either box
too much currently (in fact the SS10 cpus are an upgrade I expect to
receive in a couple of days) but they haven't seemed too bad when I have
run them.


John Redmond
Dundalk, Ontario, Canada

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