[rescue] Enterpise E4K questions...

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Wed Feb 16 15:46:37 CST 2005

Gutschner, Marc wrote:
> It currently has 4 USII at 250MHz and runs Solaris 9 quite nice. Since I would
> like to use
> this machine as a test-bed for some J2EE experiments, I was wondering if it
> would give me
> any benefit if I spread out the available CPUs and RAM across 4 CPU boards for
> a little
> more bandwidth?

Not really, no.  Other than taking up slots you could be using for I/O 
boards.  Those CPU boards are designed to fully support two CPUs and 
their associated RAM each; you really gain nothing by spreading out the 
same CPUs and RAM one per board.

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