[rescue] Enterpise E4K questions...

Gutschner, Marc marc.gutschner at itandfactory.com
Wed Feb 16 14:02:46 CST 2005


I've recently sort-of "inherited" an E4K with 1GB of RAM and 2 CPU boards. So
far I've
only been playing around with this machine and to my surprise start liking it

It currently has 4 USII at 250MHz and runs Solaris 9 quite nice. Since I would
like to use
this machine as a test-bed for some J2EE experiments, I was wondering if it
would give me
any benefit if I spread out the available CPUs and RAM across 4 CPU boards for
a little
more bandwidth?

Alternatively, does anyone here have some one or more spare CPU boards (w/ CPU
possibly some RAM, of course ;-)) he/she is willing to part with?


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