[rescue] New to me IPX

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Tue Feb 15 22:53:23 CST 2005

Chad Fernandez writes ...

> When I saw the pile of them, at Pembleton Electronics in Fort 
> Wayne, I 
> had to get one.  I'm amazed it so small.  I guess I'm used to PC's of 
> that vintage that were normally much bigger.

My first Sun was an IPX that came out of a dumpster at Apple Computer.  I
used it to learn on, and, later, when I got far enough along, it was the
home office everything-server.

The SPARCclassic I now use for various services is the same size.  I love
that form factor, and it beats me why it took so long for it to come back,
even as a PC.

The IPX isn't fast, and Sun quit supporting it in the later versions of
Solaris, but they are still great little boxes.


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