[rescue] New to me IPX

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Tue Feb 15 21:09:34 CST 2005

> > Unless you feel like setting up a net-boot server, you'll probably want
> > to find a Sun-compatible SCSI CD drive (pretty much any of them with a
> > blocksize of 512byes or a jumper that can select between 2048 and 512)
> > in an external box and boot from the CD drive.
> I already connected my external cd-rom and did a probe-scsi.  It did see
> it.... does that mean I'm in the clear, or will it see one that doesn't
> do bytes per block?  It's a Sony something.... but I have a Plex that'll
> probably work if the Sony doesn't.  So I think I'm set in that area.

As Jonathan pointed out the CD-ROM needs to be set to 512 byte block or the
Sun cannot boot from it. I don't know about Sony but that Plextor will just
DTRT once you jumper the pins labeled 'block'. Also set the SCSI ID to 6. That
is the default device that OBP looks for as the CD-ROM when you type 'boot

Just to be clear. Any SCSI CD will work to read disks from. It is just for
-booting- that the box wants to see a 512 byte unit.

The IPX was my first Sun boxen. It holds a warm place in my soul.

Mike N

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