[rescue] OpenWindows 1.0 anyone...?

Per Sandstrom psand at mac.com
Wed Feb 9 16:54:54 CST 2005

I've never really used SunWindows until the old Sun-4/110 came in my
way. But, trust me, it *has* decent keyboard shortcuts!

>Wow.  That's so...clean, and simple, and uncluttered.  If it had decent
>keyboard shortcuts, I could -really- get used to something like that,
>since I spend most of my time with a dozen xterms open and little else.

The screen shot was made on a slow SS5 a few years ago. I currently run
SunOS 4.1.4 on a dual 142 MHz SS10 with 448MB memory. SunWindows
on this machine runs faster than anything I've ever tried (my PowerBook
G5 feels sleepy in comparison). And you can build a fairly recent OpenSSH
(3.7.1p2) on this setup too. So, what is holding you back...? :-)


>What Sun do you have that can run SunOS 4.1 and take that much memory?
>An SS10?  A 4/670?

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