[rescue] Removing permenant marker

Rox rox at sunmuseum.org
Wed Feb 9 16:27:22 CST 2005

On 9 Feb 2005 at 13:42, silvercreekvalley wrote:

> got any good tips for removing permenenant marker
> pen scribbles off a metal box (painted)?

It depends on the paint (or in many cases powder finish) and the 
marker. As others have said, solvents can work in some cases, but at 
times the addition of solvent will actually make matters worse as the 
film softens and the pigment from the marker sinks into it. Sometimes 
removing it dry with an abrasive is better, especially if the finish is 
a relatively thick textured type. It all depends how important the 
final appearance is and how much time and care you're prepared to put 
in to the restoration. In some cases, a repaint is the only way to get 
it back to perfection :)


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