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Wed Feb 9 13:18:50 CST 2005

Cool info, i had no idea that Sun ever experimented in the mass


On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 21:46:14 +0100
Per Sandstrom <psand at mac.com> wrote:

> More mumblings on old software...
> >Just curious, what kind of app was SunView and how functional
> >was SunWrite/SunDraw compared to other apps of it's day?
> SunView was the second generation of SunWindows, the original
> kernel based windowing system for Sun workstations. SunWindows
> was written by Steve Evans and introduced in SunOS 1.0 back in
> 1983 (way before the X Window System). The last SunView release
> is dated 1990 (SunOS 4.1).
> The majority of SunView programs were simple "tools", even
> though there was complicated applications like FrameMaker
> available as well. The toolkit mutated into XView and survived
> in OpenWindows until the mid-90s.
> For a SunView screen shot, see
> http://www.algonet.se/~psand/sunview.png .
> The SunWrite/SunPaint/SunDraw apps were something Sun sold
> briefly in the late 1980s, while they flirted with the mass
> market (the SPARCstation 1 was, believe it or not, intended as
> a PC-killer :-). I think these apps were procured from Island
> Graphics. No idea what the were like.
> Per
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