[rescue] FS: Mini-ITX tiny PC system

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Fri Feb 4 10:44:25 CST 2005

I've got too many machines, its time for some of them to go..

So, I've got an extra mini-ITX PC sitting here, consisting of:

- VIA EPIA V10000A motherboard (Via C3 1Ghz CPU, onboard video, LAN, sound, etc)

- SuperFlower SF-101BK Black Micro-ATX case

- PCI Geforce FX5200 (64M) video card 
  (I forget the brand, bought it at CompUSA)

- 1G RAM (two 512M PC133 sticks)

- 80G IDE HD, 48/12/48 CDRW, black floppy drive

Runs WIndows, Linux, and Solaris x86 just fine.  This machine was my
desktop box at work for the past six months or so.

$250/OBO, shipping included.


bill bradford
houston, texas

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