[rescue] huge DEC rescue in TX?

Wai-Sun Chia waisun.chia at hp.com
Wed Feb 2 07:41:53 CST 2005

Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, Rox wrote:
> Well, these machines are certainly heavy enough and well-designed enough
> to last a long time, but part of the cost of miniaturization is
> fragility.  I doubt that compression connectors and all these fancy heat-
> extraction gadgets will hold up as well as pin-and-socket arrays that
> you can just reseat.

PDPs doesn't even have socket arrays! That's why they last so long!
The Unibus PDPs have all discrete TTL CPUs; i.e. the CPU is implemented 
in multiple boards.

Whereas the more "modern" Qbus/LSI-11 PDPs have microprocessors, they 
are just 40-pin DIP packages. Even so, the "CPU" is in around 3 to 4 
40-pin ICs...


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