[rescue] FREE: 2x Bull-badged IBM RS/6000 7012-G series

Phil Brutsche phil at tux.obix.com
Tue Feb 1 19:40:15 CST 2005

Based on my memory (it's been a while since I've had the covers off):
 * quad CPU (AFAIK that makes them 7012-G40s)
 * 2x 2GB hard drives
 * Unknown RAM, 512MB maybe?
 * Unknown OS
 * Unknown operational condition (ie I can't tell if they're broken or

FYI, these units have 5x MCA slots and no PCI, so an older AIX may be
your only OS option.

Both units have the serial cable.

Pick up only.  I'm in Omaha, NE, USA.

If they're not gone in, say, 2 weeks I'll have to toss 'em.


Phil Brutsche
phil at tux.obix.com

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