[rescue] Complete VoIP setup for sale

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Tue Feb 1 10:43:51 CST 2005

My plans for using this at the house have fizzled out, so its up for
sale (I need to buy a replacement motherboard for my gaming PC, as the
MSI motherboard I put in it is a piece of junk).

All of this is new.  I built the system back in November, didn't get
to mess with it due to being sick with pneumonia, then it just got
packed and moved to Houston with me.  Most parts were purchased from
directron.com here in Houston.

Picture of the system:

System consists of:

Casetronic ITX-2699R mini-ITX case (extremely tiny) with external power brick:
http://www.directron.com/2699r.html (list $62.99)

VIA EPIA V10000A mini-ITX motherboard.  1Ghz Via C3 CPU, onboard
http://www.directron.com/viaepiav1000a.html (list $87.99)

Mitsumi 24X slimline (laptop) CD-ROM drive
http://www.directron.com/sr242s1.html (list $45.99)

PCI FX100P FXO (POTS interface) PCI card

Grandstream Budgetone BT-101 IP Telephone (in box)

VoIP Telephony With Asterisk (book)
http://stores.ebay.com/Signate-Asterisk-Store ($45.99)

I've got 512M RAM (two 256M sticks) and a 40G IDE hard drive installed as well.

Alltogether (not counting the HD, RAM, and shipping) I paid a total of $337.86.

I'll sell everything for $225, shipping included.  Email me if interested.


bill bradford
houston, texas

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