[rescue] Memory for an AXi?

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Fri Dec 30 18:18:45 CST 2005

> " Basically 3.3V EDO ECC 168-pin DIMMs, though because of the 
> addressing
> " method that Sun used (10 v 11 column I think), you may only be able 
> to
> " use 1/2 of the module if it's not a Sun DIMM.

It's also buffered. Most memory from a U5/10 will not work properly in 
an AXi. It has to do with the 10 v 11 column issues (which I do not 

Also note that AX and AXe memory is not compatible either.

I went through this hell with my AXi when I bought it 5 years ago.

James: I might have 4 128MB DIMMs here for an AXi. Let me look. Ping me 

> i think that means it has to be pc100-compatible or 16-chip.  -some-
> pc133 are 8-chip and have the incompatible addressing.  this affects
> peecees of a certain vintage too.

Nope not even close to the same.

Mike N

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