[rescue] Memory for an AXi?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Dec 30 13:10:22 CST 2005

" From: Patrick Finnegan <pat at computer-refuge.org>
" jwb-tech at picarefy.com declared on Friday 30 December 2005 00:03:
" > Can somebody give me the Sun part numbers of memory that's compatible
" > with an AXi? I scored one for $15 this morning (300MHz/512K CPU, 256M
" > RAM, FFB2+). RePC doesn't know a lot about workstations and it's in a

what's repc's website?

" of course, one of the nice features on the AXi's is that they have more
" PCI and memory slots (and an ATX formfactor).

one of these days...

i lust after an axi in a dell small desktop case - one of the smallest
atx cases i know of.  i think the 85w ps would -just- be enough.

" It appears to use the same memory as the U5 and U10:
" 370-3796  [F] 	32MB DIMM, 50ns
" 370-3797  [F] 	64MB DIMM, 50ns
" 370-3798  [F] 	128MB DIMM, 50ns
" 370-3799  [F] 	256MB DIMM, 50ns
" 370-3211  [F]  [S] 	16MB DIMM, 60ns
" 370-3198  [F] 	32MB DIMM, 60ns
" 370-3199  [F] 	64MB DIMM, 60ns
" 370-3200  [F] 	128MB DIMM, 60ns
" 370-3201  [F] 	256MB DIMM, 60ns
" Basically 3.3V EDO ECC 168-pin DIMMs, though because of the addressing 
" method that Sun used (10 v 11 column I think), you may only be able to 
" use 1/2 of the module if it's not a Sun DIMM.

i think that means it has to be pc100-compatible or 16-chip.  -some-
pc133 are 8-chip and have the incompatible addressing.  this affects
peecees of a certain vintage too.
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