[rescue] Memory for an AXi?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Thu Dec 29 23:22:25 CST 2005

jwb-tech at picarefy.com declared on Friday 30 December 2005 00:03:
> Can somebody give me the Sun part numbers of memory that's compatible
> with an AXi? I scored one for $15 this morning (300MHz/512K CPU, 256M
> RAM, FFB2+). RePC doesn't know a lot about workstations and it's in a
> crappy 4U case identical to some used PII machines on the next table
> over, so I don't think they knew what they had. It comes up on the
> serial port just fine and there's a good chance that it may be fully
> operational.

FWIW, it's probably worth about the same on eBay.  270MHz Ultra 5's are 
getting to the point that they're almost hard to give away...  of 
course, one of the nice features on the AXi's is that they have more PCI 
and memory slots (and an ATX formfactor).

It appears to use the same memory as the U5 and U10:

370-3796  [F] 	32MB DIMM, 50ns
370-3797  [F] 	64MB DIMM, 50ns
370-3798  [F] 	128MB DIMM, 50ns
370-3211  [F]  [S] 	16MB DIMM, 60ns
370-3198  [F] 	32MB DIMM, 60ns
370-3199  [F] 	64MB DIMM, 60ns
370-3200  [F] 	128MB DIMM, 60ns
370-3201  [F] 	256MB DIMM, 60ns
370-3799  [F] 	256MB DIMM, 50ns

Basically 3.3V EDO ECC 168-pin DIMMs, though because of the addressing 
method that Sun used (10 v 11 column I think), you may only be able to 
use 1/2 of the module if it's not a Sun DIMM.

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