[rescue] Memory for an AXi?

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Thu Dec 29 23:21:55 CST 2005

> Can somebody give me the Sun part numbers of memory that's compatible with
> an AXi? I scored one for $15 this morning (300MHz/512K CPU, 256M RAM,
> FFB2+). RePC doesn't know a lot about workstations and it's in a crappy 4U
> case identical to some used PII machines on the next table over, so I
> don't think they knew what they had. It comes up on the serial port just
> fine and there's a good chance that it may be fully operational.
> Anyway, RePC also has literally piles of Sun RAM sitting around cheap. If
> I can score more RAM for this thing, that would just make it even better.
> Thanks!
> --James B.
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X7081A 375-3010 [F] 370-4320 (x2) 256MB Memory Option for AXe 
X7082A 375-3012 [F] 370-4213 (x2) 512MB Memory Option for AXe 

Know that says for AXe, rather then AXi, but good luck getting Sun to admit to the AXi even existing.. very hard to find info on it.. I think that the parts are compatable..
I *KNOW* they will take Ultra 5/10 memory, I have 2x X7032A for 512M ram in my AXi..
those parts are:
Kit#          Part #         Desc            Substitute part #
X7032A 4 [S]  370-3200 [F]  128MB DIMM, 60ns 370-3798 [F] 
X7033A 5 [S]  370-3201 [F]  256MB DIMM, 60ns 370-3799 [F] 


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