[rescue] wire my house!

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Dec 21 16:34:44 CST 2005

i'm finally going to go dsl.

i've been with galaxy for a while now and happy enough that i got my
mother and gf onto them as well.  gis has had dsl for a while and
762/128 is now down to $20/mo.  okay, that's not a bargain with
verizon at $15 - but wait, there's more...

according to http://www.galaxydsl.com/ they're now throwing voip in
-for-free-, and with number portability you can even keep your
existing number.  there is one caveat though:
http://www.galaxyvoice.com/freefaq.html says in part:
This service is only available with primary numbers in Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and NY ("Down-State" NY, including New
York City, Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange
County, etc.).
it isn't clear if only folks in this area can get it or if you're just
restricted to phone numbers that make you look like you live here.
otoh, you can have multiple numbers from anywhere in this area - both
boston and nyc, for example.
the capper for me is that for $10/mo more, you can get a static ip and
dns service.  $30/mo - only a little more than i pay for pots now.

i know i can put the dsl modem anywhere, but it seems to me the
logical place is at the demarc, so i can plug my existing house phone
wiring into the ata.  but my 'playroom' is upstairs and the demarc's
in the basement, so -- i need to wire my house.  i want to add at
least one network jack in the downstairs living room as well.

any ideas?  equipment?  with only the bulkhead doors between it and
the outside my basement is rather cold, but ultimately i want to put
an rj45 patch, rj12 patch, maybe even coax cable patch down by the
demarc, and locate my firewall and server[s] there too.  right off, a
single cat5 up to the playroom would get me started.

speaking of which, the firewall-to-be needs an sbus ethernet card.
anyone have one they don't need?

i know about the keystone in-wall utility box jacks etc, and i have a
jameco catalog.

i want to thread the wires up the interior wall alongside the phone
wiring.  major difficulty there is the upstairs wall isn't right over
the downstairs one, so i need to cut into the kitchen wall just under
the ceiling to drill horizontal connecting access.  if i can actually
accomplish this, it'll be the cleanest, but am i wasting my time
trying?  afaict they're offset about a foot.
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