[rescue] Writing .DMG images

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Tue Dec 13 08:09:33 CST 2005

William Enestvedt wrote:
> Phil wrote, of getting to his .DMG file:
>>We got it covered in the end, thanks.
>    If I might ask, for the record, how?

I should clarify:  We did not solve the problem of burning a compressed
DMG image to a CD using a PC.  What we did solve was the problem of
creating a working MacOS boot CD for temporary use.

Geoff was able to dump an image of a 9.1.5 CD using burnatonce, and sent
me the image and a burnatonce installer, with which I was able to burn a
working OS9.1.5 CD.  Once I had that, it was just a case of booting the
machine, diagnosing (and trying to repair and eventually scrapping) the
original boot disk (and I do mean ORIGINAL), replacing it with a spare
4.3GB Barracuda, reinstalling the OS, and downloading the Sonnet and
PowerLogix accelerator-card control software from the net.  Oh yes, and
removing the errant doll earring from the innards of the floppy drive.
(I think it was an earring.  It might equally easily have been a belt
buckle, or, hell, for all I know, a sex toy.  Who knows what Barbie gets
up to in the toybox when no-one is looking.)

The Sonnet software of course runs the Sonnet G3 card, but has the
curious omission of being unable to set the cache clock speed ratio ...
hence the PowerLogix software, which enables clocking the cache up from
the stock 2:1 ratio (151MHz) to 3:2 (202MHz), at which experience has
shown it to be still completely stable.

At some point, when I find our own (authentic Apple) MacOS CDs, I'll
have to update it to (iirc) 9.2.3, but I'm not going to worry too much
about that right now.

Next Mac project, getting the 8100 with its G4/400 card up and running.

(And I think I'm going to try burnatonce for making backup images of
some of my copy-protected CDs that VirtualCD is unable to image.  I may
still not be able to run some games from the mounted images, but as long
as I have a way to burn working-copy CDs so I can keep the originals
safely tucked out of the way of accidental damage and small destructive
hands, that's a step forward.)

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