[rescue] Type 3 / Type 4 Keyboards

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Dec 12 17:39:59 CST 2005

>> But, why wouldn't you be able to use [mice hacked for 4800/9600
>> baud]?  Do older Suns have serial ports for mouse/keyboard so
>> crippled that they can't run at 4800 or 9600?
> I got driver overruns right and left - didn't really put too much
> effort into debugging them, though.

Ah, that could well be.  I haven't tried it - I didn't discover the
baud-rate hackery until I'd stopped using Sun-3s for graphics.  And I
don't use Sun-3s for any other serial input with a data rate higher
than human typing, so....

> How did you get 9600 out of the optical?  4800 is easy, just bridge
> one jumper.

There are two baud-rate select pins, at least in the model I have
(Mouse Systems "MSC 401162-035/A", "SUN 370-1170-01").  Three of the
rates supported are 1200, 4800, and 9600; I forget the other one, but I
don't think it was 2400 - I recall them not making sense, and 2400
would make sense.  600 maybe?

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