[rescue] Type 3 / Type 4 Keyboards

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Dec 12 17:09:41 CST 2005

> Sun made an adapter to fit the minidin-8 keyboards onto the DA15
> systems [...].  I don't know the part number off hand, but I did
> throw one of these cables out in my last move. :-/

:-(  While I have no immediate use for one, it's the sort of thing that
could be nice to have on hand.  If anyone's considering throwing
another one out, I'd be happy to pay a few bucks postage to save it -
it'd cost me something like $5 in parts to build one anyway....

> Oh, and you can't use a 4800bps mouse on systems this old - a shame,
> really, the responsiveness is so much nicer.

That is *so* true.  I have an optical mouse I hacked to run at 9600 on
my main house machine at home, and it is *ever* so much nicer.  But,
why wouldn't you be able to use them?  Do older Suns have serial ports
for mouse/keyboard so crippled that they can't run at 4800 or 9600?

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