[rescue] Type 3 / Type 4 Keyboards

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Dec 12 16:38:23 CST 2005

> Looking for one of the old Sun 3 -> Sun 4 keyboard adapters or the
> DB15->mini DIN cables if anyone has one for sale/trade?

Is this a new (miniDIN-8) keyboard on an old (DA15) machine, or the
other way around?  I've made numerous adapters for old keyboards on
new machines (since for my own use I consider the type-3 the one good
keyboard Sun made).  I've never made an adapter the other way around,
but I wouldn't expect it to be any harder.

I could easily enough solder one up for you if you like.  Which kind do
you need, and where should I send it?

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