[rescue] Writing .DMG images

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Dec 12 09:17:10 CST 2005

At 10:02 AM 12/12/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>>> Neither is recognized by Roxio as a valid ISO image.  Doesn't look  

>> I doubt Roxio would like it in any case, as the "ISO" image likely
>> doesn't have an ISO 9660 filesystem on it.

>on a PC you need Nero.  Nero recognizes HFS images and burns them  

Roxio is pretty broken.  Nero at least knows that there might be other file
systems on the planet.  I just use cdrecord from the command line and I
very rarely make any coasters.  I keep a cheat-sheet for the command line
options so I dont' have to trust my faulty memory.  (If anybody has extra
brain-DIMMS that they aren't using, I could use an upgrade......)

The problem may only be getting the disk image out of the compressed
non-zlib file.  Maybe somebody here can uncompress it for you under OS X
(I'd do it for you, but none of my Mac boxen are running OS X of any
flavour) and send it back?  Might be worth asking.

w. will

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