[rescue] good source of cheap SCA disks?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Tue Dec 6 22:24:51 CST 2005

laz at moaa.net declared on Tuesday 06 December 2005 20:22:
> I've dealt with these folks.. http://www.spartantech.com/
> Got 9 disks, 72 Gig Seagates (EMC pulls) 1 arrived DOA, one would fail
> under load then come back. Called them up, and both were replaced with
> no hassle.
> Matt
>  (the 72 gig disks are now $40..)

I'd *love* to find 73GB FC-AL disks used somewhere (preferably around the 
same price) to replace the 36GB ones I've got.  1.6" drives are even 
just fine for me..

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