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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Sat Dec 3 20:12:50 CST 2005

Sat, 03 Dec 2005 @ 20:29 -0500, Phil Stracchino said:

> Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> > In the next heavily industrial war, many thousands of soldiers will die
> > because of short-sighted use of technology in military systems.
> > 
> > It is downright scary how poor the software our military depends on can
> > be.
> I'll say.  Crucial Navy systems running on Windows, for example.  :p


However, even just bad office software will end up killing people.

Remember that crappy office suites are used for things like planning,
and in war delays caused by things like Word not being able to read its
own documents will cause soldiers to die.

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