[rescue] Stuff for Sale

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Fri Dec 2 02:48:49 CST 2005

Okay, it's time to upgrade my Mac and divest of old kit.  These things
need to go.

These things I have a fairly good idea of what sort of money I'd like to
get for them, but feel free to haggle off-list or point out if I'm just
insane.  Prices do not include shipping.

     IBM P201 monitor ($25)
       13W3 port on the back; I've used it with PCs, SGIs, and RS/6000s.
       The color temperature is a little unstable, but it's still very
     SGI GDM4011 monitor (Qty 2, $75 each)
       These tubes are in excellent shape.  There's absolutely nothing
       wrong with them other than that I'd like to move towards LCDs
       because two 20-inch Trinitrons on one desk makes for a hot
       workroom.  They have dual-inputs and will sync with PCs, Macs, and
       SGIs (obviously) without trouble.  With a Sun-labeled 13w3<->HD15
       adapter (of which I have plenty), I can get it to sync with a Sun
       on the HD15 port at as high a resolution as a C3D will go.  It
       will not sync above 1280x1024 to a Sun on the 13w3 port with a
       straght-through cable.
     Dell Precision 220 ($75)
       Single Pentium 3 833MHz processor, 128MB memory, 10GB disk;
       FreeBSD preinstalled.
   Sun Workstations:
     Ultra 60 Model 2360 ($400)
       Dual 360MHz processors, 2048MB memory, dual Creator 3D video
       cards, 18GB hard drive.
     Tatung AXi-based workstation ($100)
       360MHz(?) processor, 512MB memory, Creator 3D video, two 9GB hard
     Ultra 10 ($100)
       360MHz(?) processor, 512MB memory, CD drive, smallish IDE hard
   Sun Servers:
     Ultra Enterprise 3000 ($200)
       Two 250MHz processors, 512MB memory, SBUS+ I/O card (3xSBUS,
       SOCAL+), 18GB disk, full complement of power supplies.
   Sun Parts:
     SBUS SOCAL+ fibre-channel cards (Qty 4, $125 each).
     Ex000 SBUS I/O card--3 sbus, SOCAL (Qty 2, $50 each).
     Exx00 SBUS+ I/O card--3 sbus, SOCAL+ ($125)
   SGI Parts:
     2048MB MC3 ($400)
     PortMaster 2e/30 w/ 4MB memory ($65)

Feel free to make an offer on any of these.  They're in the way and
there doesn't seem to be any market for them:

   SGI parts:
     IP25 Quad R10000 processor card (Qty 3)
     512MB MC3 (Qty 3)
     IO4 w/ 2 SCSI mezz cards (Qty 2)
     IO4 w/ 1 SCSI mezz cards (Qty 1)
     VME FDDI card (Qty 1)
     RE2 boardset w/ 1 RM4 (Qty 1)
     DIFF Disks (9GB) and sleds for SCSIbox-II or Onyx/Challenge (Qty 2)
     DIFF Disks (4GB) and sleds for SCSIbox-II or Onyx/Challenge (Qty 2)
     CD-ROM for SCSIbox-II or Onyx/Challenge (Qty 1)
     505X2 power board (Qty 2)
     System controller (Qty 1)
     Frontpanel assembly for Onyx/Challenge XL (Qty 1)
   Alpha bits:
     Aspen Alpine system:
       (sort of like a PC164 in a 4U rackmount box) will take either ARC
       or SRM firmware in the form of an EPROM chip.  I will include
       both.  It has a 21064 processor, a smallish amount of memory,
       smallish disks, a graphics card, and a CD drive.
     AlphaServer 2100 parts:
       System board (Qty 2)
       I/O riser (Qty 2)
     AlphaServer 2100A (Qty 2)
       If you're interested in picking one or two of these up, email me
       and I'll open them up for their configurations.  I think they both
       have two 250MHz EV5s and at least 256MB memory plus two 100baseTX
       Ethernet ports and FDDI, but don't hold me to that.  I won't part
       with them for free because they're currently holding up my
       workbench, but it won't take much to bribe me.
     HSJ40 w/ one controller (Qty 1)
   Sun Parts:
     UltraSPARC-II processors, 250MHz for Exx00 systems (Qty 2)
     UltraSPARC-I processors, 167MHz for Ex000 systems (Qty 2)
   RS/6000 parts:
     166MHz processor for an F30 (Qty 1)
     233MHz processor for an F30 (Qty 1)
     mint (GXT550P?) framebuffer (Qty 1)
     More old MSDN stuff than you'd ever want to see in one place, easily
       a bookshelf or two full.  Free.  Take it.  Please.

Jonathan Patschke  ) "Buy the best there is, because it's sorry enough."
Elgin, TX         (                                      --Henry Zuehlke

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