[rescue] PowerMac and Sun parts

Daniel Stux Daniel.Stux at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 30 13:59:16 CDT 2005

Hello all,

I have some parts available to a good home. No cost,
although if I have to ship it I'll ask for shipping or
a Fedex/UPS account number or the like.

I am in McLean, Virginia.

Elite3D M6 Graphics card (it has the daughter card on it)

PowerMac 7500 w/ 400mhz G3 upgrade card
304 mb RAM
Apple Extended Keyboard II (best keyboard EVER!) and mouse
1G internal boot drive with second 2G drive.

Bernoulli 150 w/ 4 carts (remember this thing? Supposed to be
indestructable. Still works, no problems!)

Zip drive with about 10 zip disks

1G Jazz drive with 5 or 6 Jazz disks.

Iomega Predator CDRW with USB AND FireWire dongles. This
thing reads just fine but seems to spit out coasters for
CD-Rs. Maybe you know how to fix it.

Send me an email if you want it. My preference is for someone
to take the lot.


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