[rescue] Good drive recovery place than handles FFS?

Nate nate at portents.com
Mon Aug 29 09:43:55 CDT 2005

Hi folks,

I have a friend who made the mistake of transplanting two SCSI drives  
from a flakey SS20 (where he had two of those little drive cooling  
fans blowing on the drives, at my suggestion) to a working SS20 with  
no little drive cooling fans, and in a week the 18GB drive failed -  
all it does is make clicking sounds now while telling the computer it  
has bad geometry or somesuch.  He has no backup (and I had been  
bugging him about that too). The 'freezer trick' for recovery did not  
work, so he's looking into professional drive recovery places, but  
since he was running NetBSD on it and hence FFS, the two places he's  
talked to haven't instilled him with confidence in their ability to  
recover the contents.  Does anyone have any experience with  
professional drive recovery places, specifically with someplace  
that's recovered data from a drive that is FFS formatted?

- Nate

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