[rescue] Late but not forgotten Mac items

cookie cookie at iacookie.net
Sun Aug 28 14:35:26 CDT 2005

Sorry for the second post,
also free if you cover the shipping.

Items for Beige G3s

1) CPUs 2 at 333Mhz 1 at 300Mhz & 1 at 275Mhz
2) VRM Modules 3@ Rev C and an odd duck VRM from Raytheon
3) 3@ Video Memory Modules 4Meg each
4) 3 ROM Modules unidentified revisions
5) 1 stick 128Meg Memory
6) 1 stick 64Meg Memory
7) Matched pair of unidentified memory?

And an odd pair of Dell Cache cards PN 00090611-04089

cookie at iacookie.net

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