[rescue] Free to a good home

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Aug 28 13:23:20 CDT 2005

cookie wrote:
>   2)  501-4781 Ultrasparc CPU Came from e-bay for
>       listed for an ultra2 but needs a home in an
>       E220R or U60

This won't work in a U30, right...?

> 17)  501-2739 Sun Swift

I can always use another SunSwift.

> 1) PowerMac 8100/80, dressed up with a 400Mhz G3
>      full memory, and a whatever the top Radius video card of the day  
> was.

Might very well be interested in this too.  Macs are more bomb-proof for
my small kids than Windows boxen ... it's harder for them to fuck them up.

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