[rescue] Free to a good home

cookie cookie at iacookie.net
Sun Aug 28 13:07:12 CDT 2005

   I am cleaning house, and just can't bring myself
to throw away some of these items, so I thought I
would post, and see if anyone could use them.
   They are free to a good home, just cover the shipping.

  1)  33 sticks of memory that piled up from
      upgrading 3 SS10s and 2 U2s.  I am not
      sure what size they are, but I don't think
      its anything 64M or larger since that is
      what I was upgrading to.
  2)  501-4781 Ultrasparc CPU Came from e-bay for
      listed for an ultra2 but needs a home in an
      E220R or U60
  3)  501-1823 64mb Sparc 2 SBUS memory expansion module
  4)  Dataram version of item #3 ( both include jumper cable)
  5)  501-1981  Sun PC Accelerator
  6)  501-2367  SBUS -> PCMCIA
  7)  501-0241 Mac Video Card?
  8)  Unidentified CDDI looking Sbus Card
  9)  AG-10 Fujitsu Dual Sbus Card
10)  501-1850 SCSI Card
11)  501-1845 ZX Graphics Card
12)  501-1840 SBus Expansion Adapter
13)  501-1996 CG6
14)  501-1672 CG6 GX
15)  501-1996 CG6 GX
16)  501-2325 CG6 GX
17)  501-2739 Sun Swift
19)  FDDI ? Sbus Card
20)  2@ 501-2655 Sun FAST Ethernet

   Also going but I can't afford to give away yet, and would like to  
sell as
whole machines rather than as parts on e-bay:

1) PowerMac 8100/80, dressed up with a 400Mhz G3
     full memory, and a whatever the top Radius video card of the day  
2) 3 SS10s, should be maxxed out memory, with dual or quad hypersparc.

   If you are interested in the machines, drop me a line and I will fire
them up again so I can be sure what is actually in them.

   If you are interested, e-mail me off list at cookie at iacookie.net

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