[rescue] Hardware fingerprinting on Ultra 5/10?

jjhartley at att.net jjhartley at att.net
Fri Aug 26 11:32:08 CDT 2005

Thanks again for the continuing dialogue.  FWIW, I successfully installed 1GB RAM into a 360MHz Ultra 5 yesterday and flashed the PROM from version 3.19 up to 3.31.

Given yesterday's discussion (and having a 160GB IDE drive lying about...), I'd like replace the 9GB factory drive with this larger one.  What do I need to do to get it configured correctly?  I've heard that Sun fingerprints hardware, so do I need to do anything in particular after installing this 160GB drive (and a CD-R drive to replace the CD-ROM drive...) in order to boot from the larger drive?  Ultimately I want to put OpenBSD on this box and am unclear on how much information is fundamentally needed by OpenBoot and how much was simply needed by Solaris.

Thanks in advance for any & all information passed on...


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