[rescue] replacing Ultra 5/10 IDE drives?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Aug 25 12:36:55 CDT 2005

" From: "Michael Horton" <Michael.Horton at acntv.com>
" i use seagate and western digital hard drives with these controllers.
" the parameters are generally read properly by solaris.

which release?  i've heard that with 2.6 at least, format always
reported 16h 63s then didn't have enough cyls for more than 8G, so the
trick was to manually enter faked numbers.  iirc up to 64h 255s would
work interactively and perhaps larger numbers in a format.dat.  you
could also probably fake a fmthard file appropriately.

64h 255s 16383c - which is 2.6 format's limit - is just about 127G.

" using the same seagate model hard drive (or, at least, the same family)
" seems to work well.
" sun now uses a seagate 80gb ide in the w1100z/w2100z workstations.
" Gary Goddard wrote:
" > Same here max is around 128 gig.
" > I have read that you can use that amount of a bigger disk, but have not
" > tried. Who can afford to waste disk space?

true, esp. when you can get 120G disks; the most you could use is
only a little more.

" > Also using a smaller disk can be a pain to setup. I put a samsung 7200 8
" > meg cache 80 gig in my U10. But could not find the head etc parameters
" > anywhere, so i ended up chucking it in a pc just so bios would report
" > these. Works fine now, V nice disk

samsung didn't have this info on their website?  tsk tsk tsk...
seagate carries datasheets on 20yo cdc drives.  what does it cost
them?  probably not even 1 gig of disk space and a few long-settled
index pages.

i bet fujitsu has a similar history on ibm drives.

" > Joshua Boyd wrote:
" >
" >
" >>On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 04:31:19PM +0000, jjhartley at att.net wrote:
" >>
" >>
" >>
" >>
" >>>However, I have another question about replacing the current drives
" >>>found in Ultra 5's/10's.  The IDE standard & drives available today
" >>>has morphed beyond what the IDE controller on these boxes can handle,
" >>>but what if I did exactly this?  Could the existing controller take
" >>>advantage of a portion of these newer larger disks?  Can anyone tell
" >>>me the size of the largest drive that the 5/10 can handle?
" >>
" >>I believe the upper limit is somewhere near 120 gigs, but I personally
" >>haven't tried more than 80.
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