[rescue] Free to good home: PCMCIA SmartMedia adapters

John Ruschmeyer jruschme at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 15:25:11 CDT 2005

Phil Stracchino wrote:

>John Ruschmeyer wrote:
>>Phil Stracchino wrote:
>>>I have five of these things left, after I bought one many years ago and
>>>the vendor shipped me an entire box by mistake.  (This is the same
>>>vendor that once shipped me two HP Netserver StorageSystem/6 units by
>>>mistake instead of one.  When advised of the overship, they researched
>>>it, found they had no record of it and the second one didn't exist on
>>>paper, and said "Keep it, it's not worth doing the paperwork to make it
>>>exist again so you can return it.")
>>>Anyway, they're Olympus MA-1U cards, accept SmartMedia cards up to 16MB,
>>>work in anything with a PCMCIA slot.  I want them gone.  If anyone wants
>>>one (or more), they're yours for cost of shipping.  If not, they're
>>>going in the trash next week.
>>I just saw this after getting back from vacation. By any chance, do you 
>>have any left? If so, I'd be interested in one or more?
>I still have them at this point, yes, just figuring out who wants how
>many.  Did you ALSO see the correction that their maximum capacity is
>8MB, not 16MB?
I didn't see the correction, but that's fine... I've got an 8mb and a 
couple of 2mb cards.

Put me down for one... my address:

John Ruschmeyer
555 Charles Drive
Brick, NJ 08723


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