[rescue] "disposing" of stuff

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Aug 21 16:34:33 CDT 2005

All this stuff is best offer.... 

There is Sun, Apple, SGI, printers, and other misc items....
As I go through and clean up, there will be more items.

Stuff is located in Sharon, MA (about 30 minutes south of Boston)

Teal SGI Indigo 2 removable fronts with fold down drive access 'flap'
SGI Indy top plastic
Teal Indigo 2 top plastic
Purple Indigo 2 top plastic
AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor (original Mac II equipment)
   (last known working... cosmetically challenged)
IBM AT Keyboard with windows keys (L shaped enter/return key layout)
Supermac Sony GDM-1952 19 inch trinitron fixed frequency monitor
   (The GDM-1952 series is high quality, and one of the best built
    monitors I've ever seen... very very heavy though) can be used
    with supermac mac video cards (certain ones?), or can probably
    be readjusted to work on Sun, and maybe SGI ?
Genuine HP 92285A toner cartridge new in box for LaserJet, LaserJet
    Plus, and LaserJet 500 Plus
2 Xyplex Network 3000 routers with mixed modules (ISDN, async, 
    etc) with a floppy disk with the router software on it.  Untested
    but at lease one unit appears to boot ok... the other seems to
    boot/reboot, but that could be due to a module issue, as with the
    two modules removed I seem to recall it appeared to boot ok.
Packard Bell Legened 406CD PC computer.  complete working.  Great if
    your looking for a compact LPX chassis to put a more powerful
    mainboard in.
PANRAM4 memory expansion for Panasonic KX-P4410 and KX-P4430 printers
Seikosha SP-1000VC printer for Commodore 64, untested
Sony CW0-1DA0 1024 bytes/sector 5.25" Magneto Optical disk (write once)
    new but no longer sealed
Microtech BKT-600 bracket/bezel for PowerMac 7200 and 7300.  Appears to
    be a zip/jaz/other removable media drive bay bracket/bezel assembly
    new in the box (opened only for inspection)
QMS PS810 laser printer (Canon SX engine), needs power supply, fuser,
    and some reassembly.  A workhorse easily repaired or used for parts
    (for example, use a good LaswerWriter II or IINT, take the ps and
    fuser, and put it into this more powerful PS810)... 
Black Box RS232 1 to 8 repeater (duplicates output on 8 ports from input
    on one port), untested
multiple LaserJet II/III series letter paper trays (3 or 4)
HP Scanjet 5P, untested..., "ugly" (has crud on top... may be able to
    remove it), untested, power cord missing
SGI Indy, no cpu, 8 bit graphics card, no drives, no mem, Sony power
SGI Indy, no cpu, no graphics, no drives, no memory, Sony power supply
SGI Teal Indigo 2, R4400 200MHZ 2M Cache, no drives, memory or graphics
SGI Teal Indigo 2, R4400 200MHZ 2M Cache, GR3-Elan graphics, no drives
    or memory
Sun Sparcstation 10, no proc, no memory, no video, no disks
Sun Sparcstation 20, no proc, no memory, no video, no disks
Sun Sparcstation 2, no NVRAM, CG3 video, no drives
Gateway PC AT full tower with power supply, no mainboard, drives, etc

Digital VT52 terminal last known working, great for PDP and DECsystem
12 Slot Sun 711 Multipack drive enclosure (no SPUDs included)
Sun 911 4 drive enclosure (size of Sun IPC/IPX/Classic/LX), like new
Macintosh IISI, last known working
Macintosh IISI Nubus adapter with math coprocessor
Macintosh LC with monitor in padded carrying case
HP Printer Pal, new in box, turns Laserjet III or newer into
   plain paper fax receiver
Apple LaswerWriter service manual (for the original LaswerWriter)
Macintosh IIx, no drives, maybe memory, maybe video
Genuine HP 92298A toner cartridge, new, in opened bag, never used,
    for Laserjet 4,4+,4M,4M+,5,5M,5N
Apple 2C external power supply
Supra 33.6K external modems (I have multiple units), tested working
Digital VT320 terminal, no keyboard, last known working
SGI Purple Indigo 2, R4400 250MHZ 2M Cache, GR3-Elan graphics,
    no drives or memory, Impact power supply and midplane (Impact Ready)
SGI Indy R5000 180MHZ, GR3-XZ accelerated 24 bit video card, no ram or
Sun Sparcstation 10, SM41 40MHZ suspersparc with SuperCache processor,
    128M RAM, CG6 video, 2.25R boot rom (hypersparc processor ready),
    no disks

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