[rescue] Compaq IA-2

Cale Lewis dlazlo at fbx.com
Thu Aug 18 19:27:23 CDT 2005

These are quite a bit like my ProView iPad which runs BeIA. The boards are 
made by the same company and only differ in that the IA-2 has a little less 
onboard. You can 'rescue' these from Compaq's abandonment by putting a BeIA 
image on the DOC and setting it up for your own ISP instead of theirs. If you 
still have in in a while I might be interested since you can really make a 
nice little system out of these for some things. A faster CPU and fill both 
DIMM slots gives them a nice boost.


>> Compaq IA-2
>> * Internet appliance, 15" CRT tube w/ a 233 (?) MHz x86 proc inside.
>> * It's rather like a PC-version of the 1st gen iMacs.
>> * Can put small disk or cf card in there, run a whole OS.
>> * untested but believed working.
>> * $50, plus shipping.

I use BeOS on my PC.
Why should I downgrade to Windows?
PS: I use it on my Mac too!
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