[rescue] anyone know much about daystar universal powercache cards

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Aug 18 23:31:01 CDT 2005

OK... so I have this 68030-40 (w empty fpu socket :-( )
universal powercache card.  and an adapter.

As I understand it the card (w/o adapter) will go right
into a IIci, and with adapters into other macs.

My Q is the adapter I have (01-PSIAD-002P) is for what
mac ?  SE/30? IIsi ?

It is a card that plugs into a pds? slot and has
two slots on it (at right angles), the 
'For DayStar Cache Cards Only' slot, and the
'For PDS Cards Only' slot.

I don't want to fry it or any of my macs...  was hoping
to put this into a SE/30... but I also have a IIsi
and a IIci.

Anyone have the Universal Powercache manual that they could
spare, or look up adapter information in for me ?


  -- Curt

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