[rescue] 711 disk problems

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Thu Aug 18 10:48:16 CDT 2005

Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> Have you tested the "failed" drives on another controller yet to make
> sure they are really bad?

I haven't yet, no.  We've determined with good confidence that one of
them got cooked by UPS in transit.  The other is probably just luck of
the draw.

> If they really don't work, then the answer seems obvious.  I don't think
> your 711 killed them.

Nope, I see no ongoing evidence to suggest that the 711 is at fault.

> I used to buy reconditioned drives sometimes, but always ended up having
> trouble with them.

I wouldn't use them for crucial data.  All the data on that array is (a)
replaceable and (b) backed up.  Right now, however, they're what I can

I still recall the software company I went to work at in 1990 that
bought reconditioned Maxtor drives for the company's mission-critical
CVS server.  That was ..... bad.

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