[rescue] Head for a SparcStation 2

Michael Parson mparson at bl.org
Wed Aug 17 10:28:42 CDT 2005

On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 08:22:13PM -0400, John Lee wrote:
> Not that kind of head you sickos! :-P
> I'm looking for a framebuffer and keyboard for a Sun SparcStation 2
> that might be residing in the New York City area. It doesn't have
> to be anything fancy. I'm just looking to turn this machine into a
> writing machine at work. You see, my Powerbook runs all sorts of fun
> and interesting applications. It supports pages laden with amusing
> flash animations. It plays music and DVDs. In short, it's a huge
> distraction when I'm at work and what I need to be doing is focusing
> on writing. So, I want to press my SS2 into service.
> Basically, I want to run screen, ssh, vim, and maybe check out source
> from a source code control system (still deciding on what to use).
> That's about it. Oh, okay, it would be nice if I could also compile my
> LaTeX documents and view them, but that is not a necessary luxury. I
> don't need graphics, just a character console -- preferably one where
> I can change the console font to something that will provide more than
> 24 lines (50 or more would be nice).

No one else has suggested this, but how about just a plain old VT220
terminal plugged into the serial port on the back?  Most of them could
be set to something like 132x40.  Running at 19200 bps, screen updates
would be more than reasonable.  My first sysadmin gig was spent using a
setup like that.

You wouldn't get good output for your latex work, nor would it work with
your LCD... =)

In any case...

I have a few (3 or 4?) sbus cg3 cards s and might even have a cgbw, all
of them with 13w3 connectors on them.  Yours for the price of shipping
from Austin, TX.  I can't guarantee their status right now, I don't have
any sbus sparcs left running to test them in.

Michael Parson
mparson at bl.org

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