[rescue] Head for a SparcStation 2

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Tue Aug 16 22:15:33 CDT 2005

> Is said balance enough to score a SparcStation Voyager? It just
> occurred to me that such a machine would be fantastic for this
> purpose. Nice screen, small footprint, especially with the compact
> keyboard.
> There's a sketchy one on eBay, but it's sketchy. Not many details and
> the seller doesn't seem to quite know what he's got. :-(

The Voyager is a terrific machine. Basically an SS5 in cool portable format
with a built on LCD. The only caveat is that you are more-or-less stuck with
<=Solaris 7 on it. Last time I tried OpenBSD on my old Voyager it would
install just great but never boot afterwards. Never bothered to find out
what silliness was behind that. NetBSD might run on it now though. If it
does you can also use the PCMCIA slots thanks to a somebody I know. (Hi
Geoff!) I'm not even going to suggest Linux.

Voyagers basically came in two flavors. Color and grayscale. Either would be
grand for your stated tasks.

Mike N

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