[rescue] Head for a SparcStation 2

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Tue Aug 16 21:44:44 CDT 2005

> 1.) Have a computer that doesn't tempt me to stray from the task of
> writing (I'm a grad student, this is a really important task!) and
> 2.) Be kinda fun, interesting, and cool in a geeky way, as well as
> surprising visitors and other passers-by.

You sir have gaind geek points. Please check your account balance! ;)

> This SS2 used to be used as a light web and file server, so I am
> familiar with its lack of oomph. Yeah, it's slow, but it's not so slow
> that I have to wait for it. In other words, the speed at which I
> generate words in my head is slow enough that a faster computer is not
> going to help me that much. :-P I guess the one problem might be the
> speed of ssh, but it seemed to be fine once the connection was
> negotiated. I am impressed with the staying power of this machine.

SS2's and other older Sun machines in general have not 'lost' anything. They
can still do the same amount of work as when they were new. Yes, I know lots
of newer machines are around and faster yadda yadda yadda. -BUT- there is
still loads of things an SS2 can do and do well. DNS comes to mind. I still
have an SS2 in production as a BBIND box. Anyways I digress...

> > I also
> > have a spare Type 6 keyboard and mouse pair that I don't use, since I
> > a Type 5 keyboard and optical mouse with grid mousepad.
> Aren't the Type 6 keyboards USB? Also, can any non-USB Sun keyboard be
> used with the SS2? This is something I've never been entirely clear
> on, and I haven't found any docco on it either.

Type 6 keyboards come in both the Sun round connector type and USB. Also to
answer your question yes, any Sun keyboard with the round connector will
work with your SS2 -other- than the PS/2 Sun keyboards.

Mike N

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