[rescue] Head for a SparcStation 2

John Lee j.benlin.lee at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 19:22:13 CDT 2005

Not that kind of head you sickos! :-P

I'm looking for a framebuffer and keyboard for a Sun SparcStation 2
that might be residing in the New York City area. It doesn't have to
be anything fancy. I'm just looking to turn this machine into a
writing machine at work. You see, my Powerbook runs all sorts of fun
and interesting applications. It supports pages laden with amusing
flash animations. It plays music and DVDs. In short, it's a huge
distraction when I'm at work and what I need to be doing is focusing
on writing. So, I want to press my SS2 into service.

Basically, I want to run screen, ssh, vim, and maybe check out source
from a source code control system (still deciding on what to use).
That's about it. Oh, okay, it would be nice if I could also compile my
LaTeX documents and view them, but that is not a necessary luxury. I
don't need graphics, just a character console -- preferably one where
I can change the console font to something that will provide more than
24 lines (50 or more would be nice).

The one caveat is that I'd like to use it with a Dell 1702FP LCD that
sits on my desk. Does anyone know if this panel will sync up to, say a
TGX+ given the use of the appropriate 13W3 to VGA adapter (oh yeah,
need one of those too)? If not, can anybody suggest other neat,
interesting, small hardware that would work with this display (no room
for more displays on the desk)? I notice that the HP 712/715 series
has VGA outputs, the B-class workstations also look nice. SGI Indys
and Indigos look nice too, but it would be a waste not to run the
Indigo Magic desktop. Yeah, just a character console for me.

I'm looking for hardware in the New York City area (reachable via
public transit, ideally in Manhattan), and would prefer to keep total
costs well below $200. Alternatively, if anybody has or has a lead on
a fairly well kitted out system, I might be willing to trade a Minolta
Scan Dual III slide/transparency scanner.

Thanks folks,
John B. Lee

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