[rescue] Some stuff to rescue in Alameda (pick up)

Francois Dion francois.dion at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 14:06:42 CDT 2005

Ted Chapman (mrkrypto at yahoo.com) posted this on the AH list (notice
the NeXT CUBE mono):

Please help me clean out the last of my studio to more easily sell my house
and move to Hong Kong. The list below is available for pick-up, ideally
today (tuesday) anytime or Saturday, in Alameda.

You can have any of these items no charge if you pick them up:

-ETA PD8L rack power/light (4 available)
-Furman 1x6 rack-mount headphone distribution amp
-Re-An 1/4" 48pt patch pays (4 available)
-No-name 32pt. 1/4" patch bay
-DBX Project 296 enhancer
-DBX Project 274 quad expander/gate (one channel not working)
-2 boxes of assorted cables (midi, mic, 1/4" x8 snakes of varying
length, 1/4", etc.)
-40U modular aluminum rack w. casters (can be 2 seperate, stackable 10U
racks, 2 seperate stackable 20U (side-by-side 10U) racks or 1 40U rack.
Castors for bottom units. Includs rack screws.
-Cheap electric guitar (no case)
-Whirlwind Mic snake (either 50 or 100ft, can't remember which)
-Evolution midi controller keyboard Mk 146

Old computer & video equipment also no charge if you pick them up

-Panasonic model 1970 semi-pro S-VHS recorders (2 available)
-Sony Hi-8 VCR
-Sony Hi-8 camera
-TI-994A (x2) + PEB and extras
-Atari 800 + extras
-Commodore 64 + extras
-Commodore vic 20 + extras
-Big box of 8" floppy drives
-Okidata thermal wax transfer printer + extra ribbons
-IBM PS2 Model 50 (works)
-Home-made 2 tier transparent blue and red acrylic desk-top

The following items are ridiculously cheap to the first person who can
pick up in Alameda either today (tuesday) or Saturday

-SKB 16U shock-rack - $50
-Kenton pro-2000 - $50
-Proteus 2000 - $25
-Kawai K3M - $10
-Kawai XD-5 - $25
-Kurzweil K2000 (one minor chipped key) - $50
-Creamware A16 16 channel AD/DA (16 x 1/4"balanced to 2x lightpipe, in
and out) - $50
-Furman AR-117 Line conditioner - $10
-RNC Compressor - $25 (2 available)
-Cheetah MS-6 rack-mount analog poly-synth - $25
-Unassembled PSIM-1 module - $25
-Next Cube (B&W, fully functional) - $50

Help me get rid of everythig as quickly as possible so I can get my
house cleaned-up and sold. Thanks.


If I were anywhere close I'd be going. Anybody wants to re-ship some
items for $$? I'd really want the two Kawai units and want the 2 DBX
and two Furman units, and the C64...

But Ted wants this stuff gone by saturday... Again, contact Ted
(mrkrypto at yahoo.com).


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